Located in Magong City of Penghu, Hotel Ever Spring is conveniently located by the Magong Harbor that regularly offers boats to and from Penghu, Chiayi and Kaohsiung Harbor. The hotel is situated in Zhongzheng Road shopping district, where guests can find many major historic sites, stores and unique gift shops. Hotel Ever Spring is Penghu’s first marine themed hotel with many types of ocean themed guest rooms and facilities. Besides providing travel information at the front desk, Ever Spring group's partner travel agency Ever Lead Travel offers free Penghu travel information and tour planning and helps travelers arrange Penghu airline tickets, accommodations, and itineraries. Come and explore Penghu local attractions, and make your Penghu journey a memorable one with Hotel Ever Spring.


Standard two persons suite
Standard four person suite
Purple shell suite
Coral love suite
Dolphin suite
Captain suite
Star Fish Suite


1F Lobby

The bright and spacious space is multifunctional offering tourist information, reception, and luggage storage.

2F Restaurant

Hotel Ever Spring offers carefully selected Chinese and Western breakfast buffet. Start your adventure with a healthy breakfast.

2F Conference room

Meeting room, internet access and other business equipment are prepared for business travelers.

Tourist Information Center

Hotel Ever Spring offers the latest travel information as well as sea and air transportation and itineraries arrangement.

Penghu Travel澎湖旅遊

Penghu Travel Guide
6 tips for your Penghu travel
Penghu Activities
Arrange your itinerary with fun activities including water activities, snorkeling and night squidding
Penghu Tour Packages
Ever Lead Travel offers several tour packages. We help arrange your Penghu travel.
Main Island Info
Enjoy the natural and cultural beauty of the North and South, where most of the popular attractions are.
North Sea Info
Islands in the North Sea include Jibei Island, Hsienchiao Island, Gupo Island, and Mudou Island, perfect for water activities.
East Sea Info
Islands in the East Sea include Yuanbei Island, Niao Islet, Jishan Islet, and Dinggou Islet, ideal for fishing and enjoying the beach.
South Sea Info
Islands in the North Sea include Tongpan Island, Hujing Island, Wangan Island, and Qimei Island, perfect for those who enjoy very much of the picturesque sceneries.


Directions of Penghu Hotel Ever Spring
※Our subsidiary travel agency Ever Lead Travel assists with airline ticket bookings.
Contact Taipei office +886-2-2567-2001 or Magong office +886-6-926-0296.